Benefits of digitizing documents in transport

In today's article, we're going to talk to you about the digitization of documents. When we talk about improving processes, it seems that this topic is not very important compared to others, but it all adds up!

New technologies imply a transformation process that can be highly advantageous for any type of company. Thanks to the incorporation of different tools into the production process, businesses can save on costs and improve their efficiency.

In this case, the logistics and transport sector is one of the biggest beneficiaries, since there are many points "in the chain" where the company may be losing money.

Benefits of scanning documents

The reality is that scanning shipments not only saves costs, but allows a transport or courier company to operate much more efficiently. We'll see that below.

1. Cost Reduction

Indeed, cost reduction is one of the main reasons for scanning documents. On the one hand, management is drastically reduced and far fewer staff are needed to handle documents such as purchase orders, delivery notes or invoices, among many other examples.

2. Efficiency

Thanks to digitalization, anyone involved in transport or its management can access the document, without the need to physically have it, wherever they are. This makes it possible to share information between departments and even with the customer, making management much more efficient and rapid.

3. Automation

Along with efficiency, another advantage of digitization is the automation of processes. By archiving all documents, they can all be accessed quickly and securely. Likewise, processes can be automated thanks to standard documents for better classification.

4. Greater control

When you digitize documents, you can archive them using a series of metadata that includes key data from each document, in order to be found more easily, be consulted or be studied to improve the work of the company.

5. Environment

Another advantage is that much less paper is used. Just having a digitized copy is enough. No more copies are needed for each person on the team to consult.

If you are thinking of incorporating the document digitalization system for your transport or logistics company, in Alerce-Group we have Sedon, a scanning system that allows you to incorporate all the images of the shipment or order to the intranet or the tracking web, consult us!