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Mobile applications for transport

Real-time information and the cooperation of all those involved in a shipment is vital to ensure the service and loyalty of the end customer. MTS is a tool designed for the transport operator to provide their customers and recipients with real-time information and integration on the status of their shipments. The system allows the customer and recipient to interact with the transport company.

It is a specific natural extension of GTS (Global Tracking System) for use on Smartphones or tablets (Apple Store or Google Play) that offers users the ability to interact with the transport operator and to know the status of their shipment at all times. It can also perform functions such as:

MTS offers transport operators the two-way communication they need with recipients to improve the quality and effectiveness of deliveries (at the first attempt). It allows them to reduce the cost of delivery as well as serving as a tool for company loyalty and corporate image (parameterized corporate logos and colours).

MTS becomes a tool for the customer sending the goods. Another extension of their sale, and information feedback on their customer’s buying experience.

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