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System engineering solutions for production chains

Designing, supplying, deploying, implementing and maintaining company infrastructure and systems to achieve a good production chain.

What is the role of Systems architecture?

Imagine that our organization consists of four layers. The top layer is formed by the activities of the organization itself. Below this are the computer applications that support and facilitate these activities. Below the applications is the architecture that facilitates their development and execution. Finally, there is the infrastructure such as hardware or physical networks.

This subdivision makes computer support increasingly complex and requires greater specialization since if one of them fails, the entire organization is paralyzed. This is why Alerce has the best Systems Engineers to design, supply, deploy, implement and maintain infrastructure and complex systems housing critical business applications.

As one of the main technical areas at the Company, the Systems Department has specialist Engineers in its organization with responsibility ranging from the basic Infrastructure to the methodology for suitable management.

Computer Applications Infrastructure Architecture Business Activities

Alerce’s internal structure is divided into three main areas

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