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Information and file integration software

Tool for file integration, conversion and distribution between different systems and any type of format. It is designed to exchange information between different players.

Ktyan simplifies interface development and deployment in complex systems that manage multiple communication formats to/from multiple recipients, by automating the reception, transformation and sending to different systems, regardless of their format and coding system.

It is specially designed for the exchange of all types of information between customers and transport or logistics operators, or between transport operators. This means that different companies’ international services can integrate their systems in real time, each using different coding systems.

Ktyan Transformation Processes

Ktyan manages the reception of user files, stores and transforms them and delivers them to other registered users. This transformation can consist, for example, in a file format change, a change to recipient codes, or the separation of a single file into different recipients and different formats.

Ktyan receives files in the customer's native format, sending and transforming them into the recipient's native format by means of a parameterized procedure.

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