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Online transport traceability

The availability of information and cooperation between all participants in the transport chain is becoming increasingly important. For both senders and operators, as well as for the recipients, our GTS Portal facilitates everyone's work, being integrated with the TMS Alertran suite.

By using a simple browser, the sender has access to all real-time information about their shipments, interacts with the operator and even with the recipient if their business requires this. You can record collections, shipments and label goods, ensuring that your shipments are properly documented. It has a database of regular recipients and accesses quality reports and KPIs and sales pending receipt. There are queries and downloads of their PODs signed by the recipient, information in XLS and a long etc. of important operational and administrative functions for your logistics department.

Web or mobile application access

Recipients can in turn access the data that both the sender and the operator consider appropriate. Consulting the traceability of the shipment or requesting a collection or return. Arranging deliveries, responding to incidents, etc ... and all this, both through the GTS Portal (responsive) and by using the MTS (Mobile Tracking System) App available in Apple Store or Google Play.

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