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Transport routes optimization: distribution and collection

SENDA is a tool designed and developed to optimise last mile services. The complexity of distribution and collection in large cities in terms of managing resources, customer commitments, costs and routes makes intelligent process automation necessary.

Senda enables us to standardize, georeference and optimize resources, loads and routes whilst meeting schedules, reducing costs and maximizing quality according to product delivery conditions.

Some of the variables used by this system to optimize the service include the features of each vehicle, the size of the package, the type of freight, customer delivery and/or collection conditions, time windows, S.A.D, incompatibility of goods with respect to vehicles and/or drivers, average speed of the area, traffic density and restrictions, weather conditions, the beginning and end of the route or loading and unloading areas. The system calculates the cost of the vehicle activity planned at any time and compares it with the final reality, in such a way that it is possible to monitor variations in shipment planning.

The SENDA system includes standardization and georeferencing, using Google Maps technology, of all collection and delivery points for screen display of each service point. The application has been designed for graphic and touch screen environments and is highly intuitive. Optimization indicators include the occupancy rate of each vehicle, as well as the estimated time of all operations.

At the same time the Optimization Engine also makes it possible to:

It is designed to manage the needs and requirements of multiple customers, regardless of the goods type and specialization: flyers, parcels, food (refrigerated items), electronics, automotive ..., etc. Parameterized and adaptable to the business needs of each company.

Other features

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