Alerce joins #CapAviaSense

"No grandmother without a good meal" (Cap àvia sense un bon àpat)

From Alerce we join the initiative #CapÀviaSense of the Txapeldun Foundation created by the Sagardi Group.

We have provided the Group with our SENDA tool for route optimization. It is already helping them with planning the delivery of up to 5,000 meals a day.

The initiative comes from the Sagardi Group with the current COVID-19 pandemic Through the Txapeldun Foundation, and with the focus on our seniors**, they are working on this initiative.

Taking advantage of the kitchens of their establishments, their know-how and a lot of love, they are already preparing and distributing up to 5000 meals at home.**

Balanced, tasty menus, like those our grandmothers have prepared for us all our lives and now deserve to be returned to them.

This initiative has already been echoed by the media such as La Vanguardia or in the magazine Time-out and personalities such as Ainhoa Arteta or Jon Sistiaga are providing their support and collaboration.

If you want to know more or collaborate with the initiative, we link you to their website and social networks: