TSB optimizes its last mile with the Senda tool

TSB has successfully implemented the "last mile" management tool at its Madrid branch office, which allows for the optimisation of the delivery fleet, better use of resources and reduced route preparation times, which directly results in improved service quality

Through this tool, every day the organization's delivery routes are georeferenced, assigned and optimized, reducing km traveled and therefore the carbon footprint.

With the implementation of this tool, called SENDA from Alerce company, TSB you get through the georeferencing of the delivery or collection points:

  1. optimal resource allocation
  2. the possibility of load balancing
  3. identification of the fastest route
  4. faithfully comply with time windows and consignee conditions
  5. reducing the carbon footprint
  6. which translates into a significant improvement in the quality of its services
  7. an overall reduction in associated costs.

For Pere Cristóbal, TSB's CEO, "with the SENDA tool we are more efficient, we optimize resources better, we reduce the carbon footprint and we increase the quality and compliance of the service to our clients.

Pablo Pardo García, Alerce's CEO, says that "Alerce is proud to have worked with the TSB team to improve such an important process as the last mile from the experience and use of our optimization tool Senda".

The next steps of implementation will be the main provincial capitals and that will allow TSB to comply with its strategic plan based on total quality and reduction of carbon footprint

After this implementation we will work together with Alerce in applying Big Data techniques in the management of consignees to increase the learning of the tool and plan the demand in a detailed and anticipated way.

Source: Cadena de suministros