SEUR optimizes its last mile management thanks to geolocation

● The company has implemented the tool SENDA, of the company Alerce, which through technology allows to optimize the delivery routes.

SEUR has implemented a distribution fleet optimisation tool throughout its network that optimises route and resource preparation times and therefore improves service quality. Through this tool, an average of 300,000 expeditions and 3,500 delivery routes are geolocated, assigned and optimised every day, which once again places SEUR at the forefront of technology and innovation in the delivery service management process.
With the implementation of this tool, known as SENDA and from the Alerce company, SEUR achieves, through the geolocation of the delivery or collection points, the optimum allocation of resources, the possibility of balancing the load or the identification of the fastest route. In short, to offer a more efficient service both for its corporate clients and for the end users.

One of the characteristics of e-commerce to which logistics operators have had to adapt are peak volume scenarios, such as Black Friday, Christmas or summer sales. With this tool, simulations of these scenarios can be carried out through tests that carry out a predictive analysis to find out what resources are needed, be able to dimension the structure and be prepared for these dates.

For Benjamín Calzón, Director of Operations Excellence at SEUR, >innovation is in our DNA, and every day we work to find new ways to gain efficiency and increase customer satisfaction through the latest technology at our disposal. With the SENDA tool we are more efficient, we optimise resources better and we are once again pioneers in our sector.

For his part, Pablo Pardo García, CEO of Alerce, states that >Alerce is proud to have worked together to improve the optimization of management of the last mile in a company like SEUR. The implementation of SENDA has meant for Alerce a challenge and great commitment at all levels with outstanding results and that reaffirms us in continuing with our commitment to R+D+I as a company mission.

The company has already applied the techniques of Big Data and Machine Learning to build a production forecast model through which it can assess the demand that will be on the key dates of e-commerce and be able to anticipate to manage the exponential increase in volumes.

Now, with these two tools, SEUR is able to be more efficient and more prepared for the challenge of volume variation presented by e-commerce.