Geodis mechanizes its center in Paris-Bercy connected to the Alerce system

A press release from the Infflux group CFD publisher allows us to learn more about the mechanised equipment of the Geodis Paris distribution centre in the 12th arrondissement of Paris-Bercy, opened at the end of 2017.

Used both for courier activities and for the express activities of the supplier, this 15,000 m2 centre employs around 140 people and guarantees more than 4,000 daily deliveries in the capital, i.e. 8,000 packages and 600 pallets.

For this purpose, it has a mechanised installation put into operation by Vanderlande and made up of two sorting lines, one aerial (2,500 packages per hour) and another on the ground, dedicated to pallets (200 pallets per hour). All the management of the classification platform is carried out by Bext CS, the WCS (Warehouse Control System) developed by Infflux CFD group (Vanderlande's historical partner). This stand-alone solution manages and synchronizes all the automatic control systems (package readings, building security, handling tools) and optimizes the physical sorting flows to meet the needs of reception and distribution on Day D and the new "package retention" process adapted to delivery by previous appointment.

Bext CS is also linked to Geodis' new TMS, called Teos (developed on the basis of Alertran, software from the Spanish editor Alerce), which operates in all the agencies in its network.

The news has been published by Supply Chain Magazine.